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While I understand other groups may want to affiliate with us...I'd like our members to evaluate each request with scrutiny.  I believe, that affiliations can hurt a group as much as it showcases our work.  I voted no on the recent affiliation I do not believe the 'other' group is fleshed out nor is it built up enough differentiation from our group to warrant connect our two groups.
I am working feverishly on (and related sites), Updates to the Windows Media Classic (WMC) Template for winamp, 3 TLD (Top Level Domain Sites) and I am working 12+ Hours daily at my regular job.

I apologize for my lack of availability but, all of my work with regards to these other projects are being done freely and without any revenue; for the benefit of the artistic community.

Thank you all for being patient.
For all Garetjax Studios Members

Here is your mission...Beginning today and going for two weeks the challenge will be to use the Phoenix Logo to create some artwork in your preferred medium/style.  After you have completed your work submit it to Garetjax Studios.  

The best of those submissions will receive a "Garetjax Studios" Best in Show Badge; and perhaps one other reward to which I won't discuss quite yet.
We are having a growth spurt;  As a result of this growth if you notice a feature, submission or etc that you believe we should have let me know; I will do what I can.  Overall, I appreciate everyone's submissions and definitely enjoy this group more and more.  

On another note, I am thinking we could do a themed art for the entire group...though, at present I am at a loss for a theme that make  any amount of sense.  

What are your thoughts?
I'm working continuously on improving our group.  If you have suggestions, comments or just want to let me know how we are doing...please feel free to post.

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